Humble Mobile Bundle 4 is a bit of a corker. It's four games strong. Or six if you pay above the average. And it's definitely worth doing that.

So, if you pay under the current average price of $3.61 for this bundle, you'll get four PG Award-winning games (two Bronzes and two Silver Awards).

There's Bronze Award-winning boardgame adaptation Catan and Bronze Award-winning jet ski simulator Riptide GP 2. And there's Silver Award-winning endless-runner Vector and Silver Award-winning undead slaughterer Zombie Gunship.

Technically, you could pick those up for just a penny. That's a bit mean, though, for the Humble Bundle is all about giving something back.

This time around, you can donate your Humble Bundle 'fee' to the Electric Frontier Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that protects your digital rights.

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If you chuck in some extra cash and pay above the average price for this Humble Bundle, by the way, you'll also get Badland and Breach & Clear. More than that, you'll get Badland and Breach & Clear with all of the IAPs unlocked.

As usual with Humble Bundles, the games in this new Android collection are all DRM free.

You've got just over 13 days to grab this bundle, which you can do by clicking here. And even if you already own a couple of the games, it's well worth it in my humble estimation. Ha, pun.