Ever the slyboots, Xseed Games has taken to its Twitter to make a rather enticing announcement.

Posted earlier on Tuesday, the Tweet in question seems to hint at a localisation of a Senran Kagura title - such as Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus for the Vita, which definitely features a stable of 'endowed ladies'.

But there might be more to the mysterious tweet that meets the eye.

Eagle-eyed readers on Siliconera pointed out there's a code hidden in the choppy message.

Taking the first letter of every word in the Tweet, the message spells out 'Electric Town' - the official nickname for Tokyo's otaku epicenter, Akihabara.

This suggests that the localisation tease might be for Akiba's Trip 2, a Vita title developed by Acquire that's set in Akihabara and features over 100 real-life shops for players to visit.

But if - and that's a big if - the announcement refers to Akiba's Trip 2, fans of Senran Kagura will still find a lot to like here. Namely, there's a combat system that requires you to strip demons of their clothes and expose them to sunlight in order to defeat them.

We don't have a firm idea which game this tweet's teasing, but we'd say the smart money's on the PS Vita receiving another strip-tastic game in the months ahead.

Below is the box art for Akiba's Trip 2 - which definitely deserves a golf clap for the pun in its title.