Developer Vlambeer has announced that its long-time coming arcade dogfighting game Luftrausers is coming to Vita on March 18th.

It will also be coming to PS3 on that day (as well as PC, Mac, and Linux) but there's no word yet as to whether it will feature cross-buy with its PlayStation brother.

Luftrausers is a sepia-toned action game in which you assemble a plane from over 125 weapons, bodies, and propulsion systems. Then, you shoot down other planes, ships, and submarines in epic 2D battles.

Aside from completing the 100+ missions to unlock all of those parts, Luftrausers is all about getting the highest score you can, and looking good while you do it.

Just in case you missed it, Fez also got a release date for Vita today; it's coming on March 25th. It's a good time to own a Vita.

More information on Luftrausers can be found on its website.

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