NIS America's given fans a whole new reason to be excited about the upcoming, first-person dungeon crawler Demon Gaze for the PS Vita.

Through a collaboration with Nippon Ichi Software, Demon Gaze will offer a DLC pack of Disgaea characters that players can add to their party.

The pack will include five characters drawn from the world of Disgaea - Etna, Flonne, Sicily, Asagi, and Prinny - and will be available at launch.

Oh, and it'll also be free on the PSN for the first month after Demon Gaze's release.

Everything's better with exploding penguins

Although retro in design, the Etrian Odyssey-esque Demon Gaze offers many modern features to take advantage of the Vita's robust hardware.

All character are and monster illustrations are richly rendered in HD graphics that look a treat on the Vita's OLED screen, and players can use the touchscreen to quickly travel to areas in a dungeon that they've previously explored.

To fill out their ranks, players can create party members from five playable races with over 40 different portraits on offer.

Each character will have one of eight different classes assigned to them, although Demon Gaze allows players to add subclasses as they progress through the game.

Demon Gaze will come to the US on April 22 and Europe on April 25 as both a digital and retail game.

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