Everything is calm in Blue Eden. That is, until a large, googly-eyed eel pops out the rocks and snaps up some of your Blue Powder Surgeonfish.

Your task in Blue Eden is to help a school of Surgeonfish survive the seasons under the ocean. This translates into four gameplay stages of varying challenge and entertainment.

Naturally, there's an Attenborough-esque narrator helping you along in the tutorial. It's not a bad imitation, and it adds an educational element to the game.

Anyway, guiding your fish with your finger during the migration section is relaxing, but risks getting dull on repeat. Then again, I did enjoy the fright the eel gave me when I made a mistake; one I'd never make again.

Feeding your fish turns into a match-3 minigame involving plankton. The food gives your fish an energy boost, which should be enough to keep away from the shark in pursuit.

Blue Eden

The last two stages involve precision swiping to avoid the attacks of circling predators, and timing the movement of male fish to fertilise eggs.

Overall, the variation is enough to warrant coming back to improve, but things do get a little fiddly in places. I found avoiding predators to require too much precision at times, not to mention the wait you endure for them to attack.

What Blue Eden has on its side is that there's not many games like it on iOS. So if it grabs your fancy, it's probably worth a look, especially as it's only 69p / 99c.