Samsung was out in full force at MWC 2014. But the South Korean tech behemoth wasn't just showing off new phones to event attendees.

A big focus for Samsung at the show was gaming, so Steel Media MD Chris James and I decided to go hands-on with Samsung's new gaming hardware. Oh, and with the software backing it all up.

Samsung is positioning the "S Console" as an app shell that will turn your mobile gaming experience into something closer to a home console or handheld one. Basically, it's a prettier way to interact with your mobile games on a big screen.

Then, there's the GamePad, Samsung's dedicated controller for gaming. Here it is in action below.

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Last but not least is Samsung's "Multi-Screen Games Technology". This enables multiple devices to communicate with one another, with ultra-low levels of latency.

This will make collaborative and competitive multiplayer gaming in the same room - with up to four players - possible.

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