The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the big dog of the phones and tablets announced at MWC in Barcelona.

It's the shiny new version of the South Korean firm's flagship smartphone, and it features some new tech previously unseen in the Android ecosystem.

So, the Galaxy S5 boasts a fingerprint scanner, a heart rate monitor, and a big 5.1-inch screen with an HD resolution. It's still made of plastic, though it's got a shiny "chromed plastic" edge thing running around the outside.

Key facts:

Screen - 5.1-inch FHD Super AMOLED 1920x1080 display
Under the hood - 2.5GHz quad-core application processor and 2GB of RAM
Camera - 16-megapixel camera on the back, 2-megapixel camera on the front
Operating system - Android 4.4.2 (KitKat)
Special features - Heartbeat sensor, fingerprint scanner, splashproof
Release date - Available worldwide in April