Some quick background on the Silver Award-winning JRPG, Bravely Default.

Although it came to Europe in December and North America in February, it was originally released in Japan back in October 2012.

Shortly after the initial release, it received an expanded version - Bravely Default: For the Sequel - which introduced a number of gameplay enhancements to the original.

That's the version we got in the west incidentally, so those features will be very familiar to those who've played it. And the good news is that most of these improvements will make their way to the actual sequel.

You are my hope

At least, that's according to producer Tomoya Asano who recently gave an interview to Siliconera.

While Asano didn't offer any concrete promises, he listed adjustable difficulty, customisable random encounter rates, auto-battle, and the 4x battle animation speed tweak as four main features introduced in For the Sequel.

Asano also clarified that Bravely Second would retain the turn-based battle system of Bravely Default and will continue to place an emphasis on story over exploration.

"...the thought process is that characters are there for the gameplay and the world is there for the characters", Asano said - although he's gone on record as saying that Bravely Second will have larger field zones with more to do in them.

There are still no official plans for a western release of Bravely Second, but that's not too surprising as the game isn't even halfway done yet.

We'll keep you updated with news of a western release if and when we have it.

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