Lucas Pope has told VG247 that he'd like to see his "dystopian document thriller", Papers, Please on Vita.

While Pope's intention is set, he said that he's unsure as to whether he'd like to handle the port by himself, or hire someone else to do it.

"For a Vita version, I'm 50 percent I want to do it myself and 50 percent I should just hand it off to somebody who knows what they’re doing and can take it over for me," Pope told VG247.

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Part of Pope's reasoning for wanting to do it himself are the "interesting UI challenges" that it requires. Those are a result of the Vita's small touchscreen.

"So that’s the part of me that wants to be really involved in the port, but the other part is like, ’I got to do something else, I got to move onto something else’ so I haven’t really decided what to do there."

Pope also told us last year that he'd like to bring Papers, Please to iPad and Android tablets.

So it seems that if you own a Vita, iPad, or Android, you'll be able to play Papers, Please at some point in the future.