Teddy bears can play rugby too, apparently. Or American football, for that matter. Hugby is proof of that.

Just take out all of the grunting and body-clashing of those rough sports, and add lovehearts and hugging, and you have Hugby.

As cute as that may sound, Hugby shouldn't be taken lightly; there's some serious strategies to be plotted.

It's a two-player game played on the same device. Each team has three teddies, and each of you will get a turn to put them into a position across the pitch while the other looks away.

After that, you each have to plot the paths your teddies will run. One side tries to reach the opponent's touchline with the ball, while the opposing side attempts to intercept them with their teddies.


Once the teddies touch, they start hugging, which effectively puts them out of the game. After a few rounds, the scores are tallied and a winner decided.

Cute, multiplayer, and a fun strategy game, too. What's not to love? You can download Hugby for free on Google Play.