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Ever swish a sparkler around in the night sky during Bonfire Night as a kid? Primal Flame is like that, except you're alone in a creepy forest and the light is your only source of comfort.

It's about using your reactions in a small space to survive. Chomping plants reach out from the sides in an attempt to eat your flame, while raindrops, or leaves, threaten to douse it.

You start off by striking your finger across the screen to light your flame. It's a very satisfying start to the game.

But after that the tangibility is lost a little as you just end up smearing your screen as you dodge the hazards with your fiery finger for as long as possible.

If you manage to survive long enough, you'll unlock the next level; simple as that. Expect nastier plants, snowflakes, and gusting winds for extra challenge.

Primal Flame will be out on the App Store at midnight and you'll be able to pick it up for £1.99 / $2.99.