There are two kinds of people in this world: those who've played Supernauts, and those who are going to. This highly anticipated Minecraft-like social builder is a hot tip to be the biggest game of 2014.

Ever eager to be one step ahead of history, Pocket Gamer's parent company Steel Media has just launched a Supernauts fansite.

There's already a total beginner's guide to Supernauts, a complete list of tier 1 Supernauts medals, and a community call out for your worlds to keep you busy.

Of course, we'll be adding content regularly - at least one news story or walkthrough or feature every single day. As with the Angry Birds Go! Community fansite, The Supernauts Community is entirely driven by you.

Got tips and tricks for other gamers? Then share them on the site! Want to get your player name out there to attract more visitors? Drop us a comment with your details! Have awesome builds you simply have to show the world? Let us all know!

We've got even more exciting stuff in the pipeline, too. So shoot on over to The Supernauts Community on Pocket Gamer to get involved.

Live somewhere where Supernauts hasn't been launched yet? Not a problem - simply consult our guide on how to set up a New Zealand iTunes account.