Ittle Dew developer Ludosity has surprised us all by launching its cartoony card-battler Card City Nights on Android.

It's a bit like Pokemon, but instead of capturing wild animals and stuffing them into tiny balls, you collect cards and battling those instead.

As you venture across Card City Nights' cartoon back alleys and bars, in search of the eight Legendary Cards, you'll find plenty of quirky people up for a fight. Beat them and you'll win new cards for your deck.

The game's battle system is a cross-over between a deck-building card game and a match–3 puzzler.

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The fights take place on a 3x3 grid (there's one for you, another for your opponent). And cards come in attack, defence, neutral, and revive flavours.

Your main focus is on connecting the arrows that point outwards from the cards' sides. The cards are only effective against your opponent if you can match three cards by connecting these arrows up.


Some cards have other effects that may be active upon every turn. Some cards move horizontally, or rotate other cards, or instantly boost your defence.

There's more to Card City Nights for you to learn and explore, but I'll leave that for you to discover. We'll have our review up soon, anyway.

If you think a cartoon card battler with a touch of humour is just what you need, you can pick up Card City Nights on Google Play for £1.49 / $1.99. It will also be coming to iOS soon.