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Spreading like its in-game virus, the Silver Award-winning iOS game Pathogen is now available on Android. All versions have been updated with new features, too.

If you don't know, Pathogen is a multiplayer digital boardgame that's heavy on the abstract graphics AND on the strategic virus spreading.

Alongside the Android version's launch, there's a new ranked online mode (which is live in the iOS and Kindle versions, too).

Like a virus

There are also new cross-platform features, meaning that there should be plenty of online players available with whom to battle. In theory.

In his review of the game, Matt Thrower said that Pathogen is "a novel abstract strategy game that checks all the boxes for a fantastic digital experience and is charming enough, despite occasional accessibility issues, to win over abstract cynics like me."

You can pick up Pathogen from Google Play for £1.82 / $2.99 right this second.