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Foursaken Media's long-awaited sequel to the Silver Award-winning Bug Heroes will go live on the UK and US App Stores at around midnight tonight as a free Universal app.

In this game, Foursaken puts you in charge of two creepy-crawly warriors who have to defend their food stash from invaders while simultaneously raiding the fruit pile of an enemy.

You'll get to shoot and squish rival insects from a sort-of third-person shooter-style view. You'll also plop down defensive turrets and hire mercenary critters to help turn the tide of war.

Don't bug me

There are 25 heroes from which to pick, including a wise aphid sensei, a grenade-launching worm, and a poison-obsessed stink bug. All have upgrades, powers, and special abilities. Oh, and you can unlock or purchase them all.

Bug Heroes 2 has got a full single-player campaign and endless modes. You can also play co-op, one-on-one, or two-on-two multiplayer locally or online.