You've just downloaded Supernauts, and you're ready to get involved with all the blocky world creation shenanigans you can handle.

But there are a lot of items to get to know, and doing so can be tough. Here I'll explain everything you need to know about them all.

To move about the world, you need only tap the space you'd like to move to. If you can reach the space, your Spacenaut will automatically make his or her way there.

Place two fingers on the screen at once to shift the angle of the camera. You can zoom in and out by pinching too!

Think of SP as experience. You'll get this each time you complete a Mission, trade goods, collect from Citizens, and so on. When you have enough SP you level up, and this unlocks more Missions and items in the shop.

Tapping on the rocket in your World transports you away on a mission. You'll be given a series of objectives to complete while you're there, which involves rescuing Citizens and grabbing Coins.

The Supernauts Universe
You could see this as the online multiplayer, if you like. Tap on the rocket icon on the right-hand side of the screen to take a peek at other people's Worlds.

What the world is made of. Blocks may have different visual properties, but generally they all behave the same as one another.

The Zapper
This is how you interact with the world: by using the Zapper to add and remove blocks in the world. You select your various Zappers using the wheel at the bottom right of the game screen.

These items will create materials for you out of space dust. You'll want to use them as the starting points to make all other blocks.

Bots convert resources made in Makers, into different types of block.

You're rewarded Coins for completing Missions, and you collect it as rent from Citizens. You can also exchange blocks for them with the trader. You use Coins to upgrade your items and to make other purchases.

This is the premium currency, which means you won't find very many, very often. There aren't a great deal of items that you have to use Gems on to purchase, but you can use them to speed up timers, if you're an impatient sort.

These frivilous items are exactly what you think they are: decorations for your World. Neat!

Eventually you'll run out of space, and will want to expand. To do so, simply visit the shop and purchase a new chunk of land.

Block Market
That chap that is sitting just outside the land of your World? He's the bloke who runs the Block Market. Speak with him if you want to exchange blocks for Coins.

Life Support Cube
You can't expand too quickly in Supernauts, thanks to the Life Support Cube, so if you do want to unlock more areas for your game, you'll need to upgrade this element first.