Objectives: Rescue 2 Citizens, Rescue all citizens, Collect all Coins
Reward: 2 Coins, 462SP

Run around the corner of the building and grab the Zapper. This will allow you to remove Wooden Window Blocks.

Hop up the nearby stairs and zap the window. Walk inside and grab the next Zapper, allowing you to remove Timber.

Walk down, and then remove, the stairs. Walk to the stair-shaped outline of bricks, and add stairs with the Timber you just zapped, and extend a little platform out under the nearby window too. Grab the Coin for your troubles, and on the same platform remove the Wooden Window trap to free the citizen.

Head to the extended ledge you just made and free the citizen behind the glass, completing the level.

For full completion, go to the slightly higher platform and build stairs to the roof, and then another set to the highest roof above that. This will free the last citizen.

Now run over to the final coin, and grab it to finish the level entirely.

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