Here at Pocket Gamer's imagination campus, we're all about innovation. Fresh ideas get our blood pumping and our lungs expanding.

Which is why I'm writing something about Balanz, a new multiplayer pad-passing game in which you have to ensure that a hypothetical digital tower doesn't fall over on your watch.

In essence, ten people gather around a single iOS or Android device, jostling around and adding blocks to a precarious pile.

You need to keep your iPad or iPhone flat, though, otherwise the pile starts to tumble.

It's all presented in stark black and white, with red flashes indicating when your ziggurat is on the verge of collapse.

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There are three different game modes to try in Balanz.

In classic mode, you're given an infinite amount of time between handovers. In hard mode, the tilt sensitivity is increased and you have just just ten seconds to pass the device. In party mode, meanwhile, you set your own rules while making bets and forfeits for the loser.

This isn't a game that you can play on your own. With a few friends around, though, there's a lot of silly and reasonably tense fun to be had here.

Balanz is out now, priced just 69p / 99c [buy] on the App Store and 68p / 99c on Google Play [buy]. Just be careful not to drop it, 'ey?