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After three years in development, Nyamyam Games's striking pop-up point-and-click adventure Tengami will finally hit the App Store on February 20th.

This glacially paced adventure is set inside a Japanese pop-up book, so you get to fold, slide, flip, and twist the papercraft world to unveil new areas and solve tricky puzzles.

It's being developed by a team of ex-Rare developers who split off and formed Nyamyam Games.

Best of all, Donkey Kong Country composer David Wise has produced a beautiful, haunting oriental score for Tengami.


If you enjoyed wander-'em-up games like Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery, Machinarium, and Year Walk, you'll dig this.

Want to see Tengami in action? Just watch our PG First Play video above.

Tengami will be a Universal app, and will cost £2.99 / $4.99.

You'll need an iPhone 4 or newer; iPad 2 or newer; or a 5th-generation iPod touch to play it, by the way. Oh, and your iOS device will need to be running iOS 7 for you to play the game.

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