Once your sworn, egg-stealing enemy, now your big green best bud, King Pig is unlocked during the Rocky Road championship, and he's got a pretty decent power up for you to exploit.

Activate your special and your kart will be lifted into the air by balloons. Doing so takes you out of harm's way from enemies, and propels you forward faster.

It's a useful Special during the traditional races, as you're pretty much invulnerable and it can give you a good lead. It's also a useful special during Champion Chases, as it ensures you avoid incoming attacks.

The boost of speed can make it useful for Time Boom Challenges too, as does the ability to soar over obstacles.

But Fruit Splat Challenges are a different matter, as there will rarely be too many Fruit (or Coins) in the spaces you reach while flying. On a side note, the power-up can therefore be useful for the "collect less than X" Challenge Round activities.

Like Stella's bubble shield, you have little control of your kart when the special ends, so be careful when using it. You'll also want to bear in mind that low-hanging ceilings will instantly bring the power-up to an end.

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