Matilda's special move is a ranged version of Bomb's attack: an explosive that is thrown forwards before hitting the ground, or another racer, and then exploding.

Because it needs to make contact with another object, its use in the air is extremely limited, unless you happen to be very accurate with the arch it makes through the air. But on the ground it can prove a very useful tool to to get to the front of the pack.

This is because, even if you're a little way behind the leaders, you can throw the bomb forward, catch them in the blast, and zoom on by.

Its use is mostly offensive, as you might imagine, and you'll mainly use it during Champion Chases, Race Challenges, and in Versus Mode, but of course you can use it to blast away obstacles in Time Boom Challenges too.

You can only use it once per race, and you'll need to practise a lot to get used to how it flies through the air, but it's a useful special if you're entering competitive races with a slightly underpowered ride.

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