If you're a fan of Matilda's special move, but peeved that it's a one use affair, then you're going to love Moustache Pig's dynamite throwing power.

You get three uses of the technique before you run out, and it seems to have the same amount of power and reach as Matilda's egg weapon.

You can fire rapidly to increase your chances of hitting opponents, or use them to blow away multiple sets of obstacles that lie in your path. The radius of its explosion is large enough to catch multiple targets too, so it's perfect for use at pretty much any stage of a race.

One use I found particularly keen, was in Champion Chases and Versus Mode races, as if you're accurate enough with the weapon you can keep getting ahead of faster opponents, so long as you get a good start to begin with.

Of course it's no use for Fruit Splat Challenges, but if you keep Moustache Pig in reserve for the more heated battles, you'll be as happy as a pig in the pits.

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