You've just spent some of your hard-earned money on an Angry Birds Go! Telepod, and now you want to play with it in your game. It's easy to do this and start racing as Red in his suped-up super kart, here's how;

Lay the device you're playing the game on on a flat surface. Then launch Angry Birds Go! and wait for it to load into the main menu.

While that's happening, prepare your Telepod by placing the character upon the clear base. There's a little wedge to slot it into to stop it slipping off.

Now tap the "T" icon on the main menu of the game, and then place the toy and stand on top of the front-facing camera for your device. Keep the device steady for a moment while the game does its thing.

And Bob's your uncle: you've just registered your Telepod to work with the game. Enjoy!