Obviously there are the special moves, and you'll want to ensure you use these to their maximum potential using our series of guides here, but when you don't have an offensive power-up, or you want to conserve it for later, you should still be causing as much trouble for your opponents as possible.

There are three techniques you need to familiarise yourself with.

As you round a corner, you can nudge the back end of a leading opponent's kart, without using a lot of force, and cause them to oversteer and unable to compensate. This will ensure they lose a lot of speed as the kart ends up sideways, and you can zoom on by unaffected.

It's possible to do this on a straight too, but since you will lose speed trying to clip them, it's only recommended you do this when it's a two-person race.

The second option is to shunt their kart off the track so that they lose time during the recovery process. It's especially useful on circuits where your wheels are regularly off the ground, especially Air. Since AI opponents don't fight back too much, they'll often fall for this passive aggressive move, and rarely retaliate.

If you're after a really devious technique though, it has to be ramming opponents into TNT. These hazards can work to your advantage, as long as you're careful, and all you need to do is guide (or bash) your opponent into the path of the TNT crates that scatter many of the events in Angry Birds Go!

Okay, there is one more move I can teach you: the single most powerful weapon in your arsenal, and if you can master it, you'll dominate the speedways. I call it The Drop.

If you can land directly on top of your opponent's kart - where the character racing is exposed the most - you will instantly destroy them. Unlike the offensive power-ups, you can do this an infinite number of times in one race.

Get The Drop right, and combine it with the rest of the above tips, and no one will be able to stop you.

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