Coins and to a lesser extent Crystals are the life blood of Angry Birds Go!.

Crystals skip hard challenges, can be exchanged for Coins, and recharge the energy of your birds so you can play for longer.

Meanwhile Coins will upgrade your karts so that you can progress through the game and beat your competitors.

So you'll want to be getting as many of both of these as possible during your time with the game – maximising the amount of both currencies you pick up while racing. This guide is going to show you how to do exactly that.

Cold hard coin

Let's get one thing out of the way immediately: if you want to play Angry Birds Go! in a serious capacity, you need to buy the Coin Doubler.

There's no two ways about it, this in-app purchase is probably the single most crucial investment you'll make - with the sole exception of your time, of course. Like its name suggests, it will double every coin you collect in the game, and since you'll use Coins to upgrade your vehicles and access new races, it will quicken the speed at which you progress by a factor of two.

It's a slightly steep purchase, admittedly, but you'll thank me in the long-run.

You're awarded a set number of Coins after successfully completing a race, and are also given some if you fail, but you can boost this number by collecting them while racing.

Get to know the tracks you race on most frequently, and understand which paths through it have the most Coins. If you focus on these and have a fast enough vehicle, you'll be able to nab lots of these collectibles while also getting that sweet winner payout at the end.

If you're not too sure about the performance of your kart, then only collect coins when the pressure isn't on you. Look to the top of the screen while racing and you'll see how close you are to your competitors. If they're right on your tail, then taking the outside lane of the upcoming turn to nab a few Coins might cost you a position.

Money making techniques

In terms of actually picking up Coins, the best thing you can do is to make the area of your kart passing by these items as large as possible. This increases the surface area that is liable to pick up the Coins, so that you can pick up two or even three Coins at one time.

To do this you can either use a character that has a power up that makes them larger (such as Bubbles), or you can turn your kart to drift through them. Keep the drifting to corners unless you're 100% confident you'll win a race, in which case you can try it on straights too.

Crystals come from completing Challenges and collecting the few that are scattered about the track. Again, they're not too important in the grand scheme of things, so grab them if you get the chance, but leave them if it will cost you the race.

Don't bother restarting any races you enter. You'll lose the Coins you would have earned from completing it, and you'll have wasted a counter of Energy too.

Waste not, want not

On a similar note, though you might be tempted to, you shouldn't frivolously skip any of the Race Challenges in the game. Doing so will not only use up your stash, but you'll also miss out practising special techniques and learning the subtleties of the game.

Instead you'll want to either cash out your Crystals for Coins, or use them to recharge your birds when they're tired so you can continue playing. The more you play, the more Coins you earn, it's that simple.

Which is a very good tip in general, actually: if in doubt, grind. If you can't beat an opponent, go and complete some objectives in previous levels, and along the way you'll earn Coins to upgrade your kart.

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