It's nice to hold hands with people. Especially on Valentine's Day.

Unless, of course, said person has remembered that restraining order. Then, you might get in a lot of trouble.

Anyway. 10tons has just slashed the price of its cute Silver Award-winning hand-grasping puzzler Joining Hands to just 69p / 99c.

At review, we called this game "polished, addictive, and disarmingly sweet". We then added that "Joining Hands is the perfect puzzling pick-me-up".

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And its Bronze Award-winning sequel, Joining Hands 2, is on sale for the same price.

When we reviewed that, we said: "Joining Hands 2 is another slice of gentle family-friendly entertainment that, while fun to play and pleasant to look at, tends to end up in a little too much trial and error for its own good."

To summarise, then: Joining Hands is 69p / 99c [buy] for iOS and 79p / 99c [buy] for Android.

And Joining Hands 2 is also 69p / 99c [buy] for iOS and 79p / 99c [buy] for Android.

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