If you're in the market for a Diablo-like on your Android device, then listen up. Or, well, read. Whatever.

Joystick Replay has just confirmed that limited beta sign-ups for classic action-RPG Darkstone are now open to everyone on Android.

Yes, even YOU!

You can join the Darkstone beta right here. It'll only run until March 10th, though.

Long time, no see

It's been over nine months since we last heard anything about this mobile / tablet remake of Darkstone.

When Darkstone eventually does surface on Android and iOS, it will boast more than 100 levels, four playable classes (Barbarian, Thief, Monk, Priestess), a new quest log, touch controls, remixed audio, updated graphics, and an "elaborate" evolution system.

Worth looking forward to, then. We'll let you know the final release date for Darkstone as soon as we know it.