"Ooooooh, love to love you, baby," a naughty Donna Summer sang back in 1975, brilliantly encapsulating the modern world's continuing affection for awards.

Admittedly, she may have had other things on her mind.

Nevertheless, Summer's lyric embodies the attitude with which we encourage you to approach our Pocket Gamer Awards 2014.

Five alive

With these awards - now in their fifth year - we aim to celebrate all that's been brilliant and beautiful about the mobile and handheld gaming world during the past 12 months.

A bit on methodology, if I may...

Anything released on an app store or reviewed on Pocket Gamer between January 1st and December 31st, 2013, (that's somewhere in the region of 1,000 games, incidentally) was open to consideration.

We've also whittled down the number of genres from previous years to keep things snappy. Oh, and we've deliberately tried to present a wide range of gaming experiences while minimising cross-platform repetition (this is particularly tricky when dealing with the iOS and Android platforms, as you might appreciate).

Here's the important bit: though WE have internally selected the finalists (boosted to 20 per category this year), YOU, a.k.a. our glorious readers, will decide the winners.

Win-win situation

Yes! You. Pick. The. Winners.

If you head on over to the PG Awards 2014 web page now, you'll discover a pretty (and pretty self-explanatory) voting page.

Here, your votes in however many categories towards which you feel qualified to contribute will be recorded.

So, go on - don't be shy. Donna certainly wasn't.