Time is limited. Apps are plentiful. How can you make sense of the ever-increasing number of new games in the App Store?

Well, by reading Pocket Gamer, of course. But we can't possibly cover everything, and there are some games that just don't fit in our wheelhouse. Thankfully, our friends over at 148Apps are here to save the day.

Take a look at some of the casual games that have caught the attention of the 148Apps team...

Street Punch
By NuOxygen


"Action and strategy gameplay make a great buddy cop team." (Jordan Minor)

Angry Heroes


"Witty, comical, and entertaining, Angry Heroes offers hours of endless fun packed in a bizarre MMORPG world." (Lucy Ingram)

Spell Quest: Grimm's Journey
By Bacon Bandit Games


"Create words to attack monsters and enjoy becoming stronger and stronger." (Jennifer Allen)

War in Space
By JH Digital Solutions


"War in Space is a retro Tower Defense game with some issues but a charm of its own." (Jennifer Allen)

By Sompom


"This sleek puzzler is good, but never gets fully going." (Jordan Minor)

Wizards - The Magical Concert
By PixelCrusaders Studios


"Though quite the enchanting experience, Wizards - The Magical Concert makes a good effort but gets old fairly quickly." (Lucy Ingram)

By Atlum Software


"Shoot 'em quicker than the competition in PhotoDash!, a fun race to the photo finish!" (Stacy Barnes)

By Blindspot Games


"A neat, nouveau spin on the match-3 puzzler." (Jordan Minor)

All this, plus Carter Dotson profiles Lumo Developments, then talks with the developers behind Threes.

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