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You might as well delete Candy Crush Saga now and evict yourself from Triple Town this second.

Yep, your next iOS obsession will go live on the App Store at midnight tonight, in the form of Asher Vollmer and Greg Wohlwend's Threes!.

It's a simple game about shifting a sea of numbered tiles around a small grid. By pushing tiles against the walls, you can slide them on top of one another to make tiles with larger numbers.

Two '3s' make '6', two '6s' make '12', two '12s' make '24', and so on. The goal is to have a screenful of high-numbered tiles before the grid is completely full. Then, you can gloat about your score on Twitter.

The magic number

Wohlwend was also responsible for the art in Hundreds and Ridiculous Fishing. Plus, a few indie developers and other personalities have provided the silly voices for the different tiles.

Threes! will be a Universal iPhone and iPad app when it surfaces on the App Store this evening. It will be available at launch at a 33.3 percent discounted price of £1.49 / $1.99.

Watch the PG First Play video above for more info, and look out for a full review of Threes! on the site tomorrow.

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