When you drop the goat in upcoming Ouya game Toto Temple Deluxe, it lays eggs that hatch into gold coins. No, seriously.

This is the latest bizarre game from Juicy Beast, the studio responsible for the equally wacky Burrito Bison and Knightmare Tower.

Toto Temple Deluxe is an upcoming local multiplayer arcade game for Ouya about capturing and holding on to a goat for as long as possible. The first player (of up to four) to reach 3000 points is crowned the winner.

The player with the goat can be attacked by the other players. When the goat holder drops the revered ruminant, the goat will yield bonus coins that come out of eggs.

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The number of gold coins that come out of these eggs will correlate to the number of points the player holding the goat racked up.

That means it's possible to win a match by just collecting the coins from the eggs (instead of grabbing the goat).

Pretty clever, eh?

Toto Temple Deluxe will be heading exclusively to Ouya this spring.