It's fair to say that Camouflaj, the developer of Bronze Award-winning Kickstarter-funded iOS stealth-'em-up Republique, hasn't had the easiest of times delivering what it promised to the people who backed it in the first place.

There were problems just getting the finished version of Republique into backers' hands from the get-go. It felt like there was a general lack of planning about the whole episode.

That feeling was reinforced today by a flash sale. Emails went out to backers telling them that today, and today only, the season pass DLC for Republique will be available for just 69p / 99c (down from £10.49 / $14.99).

Backers should grab it now, use PayPal to claim a 69p / 99c refund for the DLC if they feel aggrieved at having to fork out for the season pass, and - most importantly - not tell anyone else about it.

Unfortunately, 'not telling anyone' just isn't possible in a world where websites can trawl the App Store for sales and price drops.

So, here we are. Everyone now knows that they can bag the rest of Republique for a fraction of the normal price.

Part of me wants to tell you not to go to the App Store and download the DLC as quickly as you can, because it feels like a bit of a cruel thing to do.

On the other hand, though, Republique serves as a stark warning for anyone else thinking about using Kickstarter to fund an iOS game.

There aren't the requisite mechanisms in place on the App Store for giving games away easily, and that's a hurdle devs need to get over before they start offering things they might not be able to deliver.

So, I'll leave it up to you. You have the information, you know where to look, and you know how much money you're going to save. Good luck deciding.