Brace yourself, as it's time to wrap your head around GNAH!.

It's a puzzle game that has you poking and twisting large monster heads to help a little person escape from inside. It's bizarre.

As you can see from the striking screenshots in the gallery above, those monsters come in many forms, including a submarine one, a tree one, and even a robotic synthesizer.

You'll discover that each of these heads has different rules and quirks. Some need to be rotated and twisted, others will have you creating music, or playing with time travel to solve them.

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Inside of the heads is someone you need to get out. Usually there are rooms with furniture and machines that need to be assembled to open up the path to freedom.

GNAH! is expected to arrive in 2014 for PC, Mac, Linux, Ouya, iOS, and Android. We'll be keeping our eyes on it without a doubt.