Disney Interactive has announced that it's rolling out limited early access for Star Wars: Assault Team.

What's Star Wars: Assault Team, you might ask?

It's an upcoming turn-based combat game that combines strategy and card-battle elements with the blaster and lightsaber-filled world of Star Wars.

Better yet, it's rolling out globally this spring for iOS, Android and, and Windows 8 devices - but a post on Disney Interactive's blog notes that it's currently being offered in 'select international markets'.

No Gungans need apply

The core of Star Wars: Assault Team's gameplay lies in collecting Rebel Alliance characters and forming them into an elite attack squad - a kind of "Assault Team", if you will.

From there, you'll use them to strategically dismantle your opponents with blaster fire and Jedi powers in epic battles set on the planets and locations from the original Star Wars trilogy.

It also looks like Star Wars: Assault Team will support multi-player battles, which is good news for the competitive crowd.

We don't know much more about Assault Team at the moment, but we'll be sure to post more information when we have it.