Megapop's Trolls vs Vikings will go live on the App Store on February 26th, meaning you have just under a month to brush up on your runes and make sure you know the difference between mead and a mace.

We first saw Megapop's game at the Big Indie Pitch in Cologne last summer. We liked it. In fact, we named it one of the hottest prospects at the event.

We couldn't fail to notice during the Big Indie Pitch that there are a lot of similarities between this one and Plants vs Zombies. They're both lane defence titles with a slapstick sense of humour, gorgeous cartoon graphics, and the sort of compulsion loop that would make drug addicts blush.

You can draw your own conclusions about the similarities from the trailer below.

From our own hands-on time with Trolls vs Vikings in Cologne, though, we detected a surprising depth to proceedings that could well set the game apart from its illustrious inspiration.

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Trolls vs Vikings will feature huge boss battles against Norse deities, different difficulty levels, and up to 30 hours of play. It won't boast multiplayer to begin with, but it will be part of an update further down the line.

Trolls vs Vikings will go live on the App Store towards the end of next month. And if you like your cartoon battles epic and cheeky, it's probably worth keeping an eye on.

There's also an Android version in the works, which should surface on the Google Play Store later in the year.