If you'd stumbled across Ravenous Games's Twitter feed over the weekend, you'd have noticed that the Canadian developer is applying the finishing touches to its upcoming action-platformer Devious Dungeon.

When announcing Devious Dungeon on Facebook earlier in the month, Ravenous claimed that it's "going back to our roots and trying to recreate some of that League of Evil magic from a few years ago."

So, yes, you can expect a retro action-platformer here with one button for attacking and one button for jumping. What else could you ever need?

Well, how about a castle with a jolly king sitting atop a dark and dangerous dungeon underneath the castle floor? Sounds good, huh.

Ravenous hasn't got a "solid date" in mind for Devious Dungeon, but the studio is "looking towards the end of February" for the launch date. Fingers crossed!