Tail Drift is weird.

You fly a plane around a tubular track in races against other players. At the same time, you're dodging sky islands and the occasional hot air balloon.

Previously available as a browser demo, Tail Drift will be swooping onto iOS in June 2014, with an Android version hot on its, err, tail.

Drifting away

The quickly made prototype of Tail Drift was basic, sure. But you could still get excited about the beautiful fantasy tracks, as well as the unique and simple racing that felt highly competitive.

Suffice it to say, you can expect more from the mobile version of Tail Drift. There'll be more tracks, more leagues, upgradable racers, and multiple modes (e.g. time trial, elimination).

On top of all that, there will be daily challenges with rewards for completion. Oh, and some online leaderboards to climb up, too.

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Tail Drift is already a cheery and competitive racer on PC. So, this new version for iOS and Android should be well worth looking out for.

We'll update you with any more news about the game as it emerges.

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