Why is it always rats in a basement?

Okay, so ex-Bullfrog developer Alex Trower isn't going to knock you back with his original fantasy world in puzzle-RPG Glyph Quest. Nor is Trower likely to bowl you over with his artwork here.

But, perhaps, the glyph-matching combat will do the trick.

Wolf it down

To fight the wolves, centaurs, and the typical slew of rats in Glyph Quest, you have to match glyphs to cast spells. Just slide your finger across adjacent glyphs and your witch or wizard will do the rest.

As per genre tradition, the more glyphs you're able to match, the more damaging your attack will be. You also need to discover what elements and spells are most effective against the different enemy types.

Additionally, there's an interesting elemental reversal bonus up for grabs here. Just chain together fire glyphs and then strike your foe with water glyphs to get the bonus.

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It's not original, sure. But the glyph-matching combat in Glyph Quest does require tactical know-how.

In between the quest-driven combat, you'll return to town to upgrade your spells at the Inn and buy new ones at the Shoppe.

As mentioned earlier, don't expect to be blown away by Glyph Quest. For those, however, who enjoy deep combat systems, this freebie is worth picking up.

You can currently grab it on the App Store. The Google Play version will be available shortly.