In a few days time, the Chinese (Lunar) New Year will ring in the year of the horse.

During the fabled race between the 12 animals of the zodiac, the horse tore off to an impressive start but was spooked by the clever snake hiding on its hoof.

The horse panicked - a reaction anyone whose not too keen on snakes would sympathise with - and fell into the seventh spot behind the snake's sixth place finish.

The lesson in all of this is, ostensibly, not to overact to unexpected troubles and hardships lest you allow them to distract you from your goals.

We'll all face setbacks in the year ahead, so let's make a (late) resolution to not pull a horse and react to them with dignity and grace. Also, let's try to be careful where we step.

Here ends the lesson, and here - too - begins our look back at the week that was on

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