Airtight Games and Portal creator Kim Swift will launch their disco-infused rhythm roguelike Soul Fjord exclusively on Ouya on January 28th.

Soul Fjord's unusual title is nothing compared to the game's main character. He's called Magnus Jones and is described as a "funk Viking". Just take that in for a second. Yep.

In Soul Fjord, you'll use Magnus's love of disco to prove he's worthy of competing in the battle with the gods. To do so, Magnus will have to fight through procedurally generated levels to salvage his reputation as a valiant warrior.

Magnus has a sword and shield to fight off the enemies. For maximum effectiveness, though, you'll need to time button presses on the "combo track" for, well, combos.

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The Lounge Dragons and Disco Wizards that you kill drop treasure. You can use this loot to upgrade Magnus and his abilities so you can fight tougher enemies and get closer to the end game.

Soul Fjord will be available for free on Ouya on January 28th. There will, however, be in-app purchases available.