In forthcoming 2D survival-based roguelike Skyhill, you will play a survivor in the aftermath of World War III. Oh, and the world will end in approximately three months.

Tough break, huh.

Something tells me that you may regret hiding from the biological weapons up in your penthouse of the most expensive hotel in the city. You'd have been better off dying, surely?

Havenly creatures

Too late now, though. The war has ended, so you must leave your safe haven to find food and water in order to survive.

Unfortunately, hideous mutants are now roaming the streets. They're the product of the unsavoury chemicals floating in the air in the aftermath of war. You will, therefore, have to go on the hunt for weapons, too, to keep the mad hordes at bay.

At all times, the skyscraper hotel will act as your base and the place from which you can upgrade your weapons. It's safe there, sure. To survive, though, you'll need to venture farther afield.

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The world you explore in Skyhill is randomly generated, so each playthrough will be unique. There will also be multiple playable characters available, each of which will have its own play style.

And that's it in terms of info. Well, aside from the fact that Skyhill will definitely surface on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac.

You can follow Skyhill's development on its official website.

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