Way back in 2011, Level-5 revealed an ambitious project called Guild 01 aimed at publishing small games from some big-name talent.

The project led to the creation of the Bronze Award-winning Crimson Shroud (written by Yasumi Matsuno of Final Fantasy Tactics fame), Suda 51's Liberation Maiden, Yoot Saito's Silver Award-winning Aero Porter, and a quirky fantasy rhythm RPG Weapon Shop De Omasse.

That last one never made it out of Japan, but it might soon as Nintendolife reports that the Australian Classification Board has given Weapon Shop de Omasse a PG rating.

Forging ahead

Weapon Shop de Omasse is similar to the PC item store sim Recettear or Hometown Story in that you play as an item store clerk instead of a legendary hero.

In Omasse, you control a father and son team who forge weapons for adventurers to rent. The forging is handled via rhythm-based gameplay, and the choice of weapon will ultimately determine if the adventurer is successful on their quest or not.

Take a look at the gameplay below and you'll start to see why we're excited about this one.

We'll keep you updated if we learn anything more.

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