Every Friday, Pocket Gamer offers hands-on impressions of the week's best new iPhone and iPad games.

This week, we've been doing sweet flips on tiny toy-sized motorbikes, driving tanks through the Pacific, keeping damsels in distress, and cooking corn dogs.

We've played everything that matters, and these are the best iOS games of the week.

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Oh, and if you're wondering where the Android list has gone: we're wondering where the Android games have gone. We'll stick with iOS while we wait for the folks over at Google Play to get their act together.

This week's top pick

Joe Danger Infinity
By Hello Games - buy on iPhone and iPad (£1.99 / $2.99)

Joe Danger Infinity

This sequel to the brilliant Joe Danger is not an endless-runner, as the name might suggest. It's still got short hand-made levels, but now they start immediately after the last one finishes like a TV show on Netflix.

The gameplay here is much the same as the gameplay in the first game. Joe drives automatically and you must jump and duck with precision timing to clear obstacles, and do tricks to boost your score.

Joe Danger Infinity might feel pretty similar to last year's effort, but the addition of new vehicles, the Micro Machines-inspired look, and nearly 100 new levels will make it a must-buy for those who just recently finished detox for a Joe Danger addiction.

Also out this week...

Battle Supremacy
By Atypical Games - buy on iPhone and iPad (£2.99 / $4.99)

Battle Suoremacy

With Battle Supremacy, Sky Gamblers developer Atypical takes a break from planes. This time around, you see, you're in tanks.

In terms of gameplay, you trundle across the Pacific (and other battlefields) and lob shells at the enemy. There are weather effects, a full campaign, online multiplayer, and - unlike every other tank game on iOS - not a single IAP in sight.

Oh, and there aren't just slow, lumbering, clumsy old tanks. You'll also drive jeeps, light armoured vehicles, and boats.

By Vested Interest - buy on iPhone and iPad (69p / 99c)

Simian interface

A weird abstract puzzle game about messing around inside a chimp's brain. All you have to do is tilt and twist your phone to line up boxes and lines on the screen. And while it looks easy, the counter-intuitive movement makes it a real cognitive challenge.

It's silly and completely throwaway (we gave it a 6/10), but it can prove fun when played in a group.

Castle Doombad
By [adult swim] - buy on iPhone and iPad (£1.99 / $2.99)

Castle Doombad

A quirky side-scrolling spin on Plants vs Zombies that's all about stopping would-be heroes from rescuing the princess.

You'll lace a mansion with traps, turrets, and fluffy little minions, and pay for extra defences by selling the damsel's screams. A silly, highly polished, and fun tower defence experience.

By Unity Games - buy on iPhone and iPad (£2.99 / $4.99)


The first game to be published by Unity is not only a showy tech demo for the power of its game engine. It's also a solid - though in no way spectacular - dungeon-crawler that suits touchscreens quite nicely.

Review man Jon Mundy said: "Archangel is a well-crafted dungeon-crawler with a handful of nice touches, but it could use a little more spark and imagination in its world design and core gameplay".

Chrome Wolf
By Kemco / Kotobuki Solution - buy on iPhone and iPad (£2.49 / $3.99)

Chrome Wolf

The latest retro-style RPG from million-games-a-month developer Kemco is set in a world of armies, soldiers, and tanks.

There are still those classic turn-based battles, though, and a lot of fantasy nonsense to wade through. Our role-playing expert Matt gave the Android edition a Bronze Award in his review of it.

By Glu Games - buy on iPhone and iPad (Free)


This had no right to be good. It's a free-to-play movie tie-in touchscreen shooter from Glu, after all. Despite all the odds, this game isn't going straight to the scrap heap.

It looks good, the cover mechanic works nicely, and the controls are tight. Give it a go, and then delete it as soon as you're asked for money.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! Mobile
By David Galindo - download on iPhone (Free)

Cook Serve Delicious

A deep and involving simulation in which you have to figure out a good strategy to turn a struggling restaurant into a five-star bistro. You'll plan out your menu, buy food, purchase equipment, fund projects, and even roll up your sleeves to cook the meals in a manic time-management mini-game.

This new miniature iPhone version is free, but you can buy the whole game for £1.99 / $2.99 inside the app.

By Euglena Labs - download on iPhone (Free)


An abstract indie stealth-puzzler about using colours to camouflage yourself and hide from roaming guards.

Each level is a patchwork quilt of differently coloured blocks. You must hide in blocks of the same colour and avoid areas that would make you stand out. Simple, but satisfying.

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