Have you dug into everything that the Platinum Award-winning Pokemon X / Y has to offer, tracked down every eevee-lution, and seen everything there is to see?

If so, you'll have a chance to prove yourself against fellow players in the US over the next three weeks during the Pokemon Winter Regional Championships.

This is the first officially-sanctioned tournament to introduce the latest Pokemon (6th generation) into the event, and all you need to bring with you is a 3DS, your own copy of the X or Y, and a hefty amount of skill and luck.

I will be the very best, like no one ever was

Each event is a two-day affair, with a trading card tourney taking place on one day of the weekend and the 3DS portion of the event taking place on the other.

The events are open to the public, and winners will receive booster packs, trophies, and a possible travel stipend to attend the national tournament to be held in Washington D.C. in August.

Here's a full list of the locations and dates for the Winter Regionals -

  • Doswell, VA - January 11-12. Meadow Event Park Exhibition Hall (video game on Sunday, 1/12)
  • St. Charles, MO - January 18-19. St. Charles Convention Center (video game on Saturday, 1/18)
  • Long Beach, CA - January 18-19. Long Beach Convention Center (video game on Sunday, 1/19)
  • Salem, OR - January 18-19. Oregon State Fair and Expo Center (video game on Sunday, 1/19)
  • Orlando, FL - January 25-26. International Palms Resort (video game on Sunday, 1/26)

Most events open up at 8:30 or 9am, with registration taking place before 10:30 - so set your alarms early!

For more information, check out the Winter Regionals website.

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