simian.interface received plenty of praise when it came to PC last year. And we found out today that it's coming to the App Store on January 9th, so iOS players can soon find out what all the fuss is about.

In simian.interface, you play a monkey with a malfunctioned computer in its brain. You need to re-calibrate the interface, which results in solving a bunch of abstract spatial puzzles.

There's over 40 levels that involve you having to tilt your iPad or iPhone in order to create symmetric patterns and perfect geometry. You align shapes, lights, and colour, all while an elusive cat virus interferes.

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Every module you complete rewards you with the most important of prizes: a banana. But you should also enjoy the electronic synths and beats, as well as the sense of achievement for completing each level.

So not only is simian.interface a little wacky, it's a smart puzzle game that's more fun on iOS due to the tilt controls. Remember that date, January 9th. That's your first test.