Good news, fans of tank-centric role-playing games!

Kemco has just released the latest entry in its long line of RPGs, Chrome Wolf, on iOS as a Universal app.

Chrome Wolf has been available on Android for about a month, but it's now live on Apple's App Store. And at a special price: £2.49 / $3.99.

Upon reviewing the Android version of the game, we gave it a Bronze Award. We said: "Don't let the guns and tanks fool you - Chrome Wolf is, for better or worse, a by-the-numbers 16-bit RPG from start to finish."

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While the game initially stands out from the rest of Kemco's RPG library both visually and thematically, take heed before you make an impulse buy: it's not the handheld version of Valkyria Chronicles for which you may be hoping.

However, if you've somehow already exhausted your supply of Christmas and January sale pick-ups and still have Christmas money from your nan to burn, who are we to deny you the right to download it?

Chrome Wolf is available from Apple's digital marketplace right now, priced £2.49 / $3.99.