Kemco games is one of the most prolific JRPG publishers in mobile, and it's moving in a new direction this year by embracing full 3D graphics and voice acting.

The game to sport both of these new features is Alphadia Genesis, a JRPG that we had the chance to go hands-on with at E3 which just launched for iOS and Android in Japan.

Siliconera reports that despite the tremendous leap forward in aesthetics, the story at the heart of Alphadia Genesis is still quintessentially Kemco. This time, there's an army of evil clones waiting to rebel against their human master and it's up to the protagonist, Frey, to stop them.

Now hear this

In terms of innovation, Alphadia Genesis represents a leap similar to the one that Squaresoft made between Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy VII - meaning, the 16-bit sprites have been replaced with polygonal 3D models.

Unlike FFVII in the analogy above, however, Alphadia Genesis will feature full voice acting - although, Kemco notes that the English localisation will only have the original Japanese voiceovers.

We don't have an updated release window for the western release of Alphadia Genesis just yet, but we'll keep you updated as soon as we know more.

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