Just like the original game, Cardinal Quest 2 is a streamlined roguelike, which means it's ideal for short play sessions on the go.

Good job too, as we've been told that Cardinal Quest 2 will be launching on the App Store for iPad and iPhone in Q1 2014. Not long to wait, then.

Don't fear the word "streamlined", which is often used to describe Cardinal Quest 2. For what distinguishes the game is how it retains a need for turn-based tactical thinking, while being quite fast-paced.

You won't need to play it for several hours to even get close to understanding the basics. Nor will you need to juggle an inventory, or spend ages looking at stats screens.

No, Cardinal Quest 2 is made to be accessible, and to keep your head in the action constantly. But the permadeath ensures that it's just as brutal as any other roguelike.

As such, you will want to choose the right class out of the six on offer before heading into the game. Each have different strengths and abilities, forcing certain preferences in play style. You can customise them a little through their talent trees, however.

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The distinct areas are filled with dungeons and towns that you'll venture through, and they're all procedurally generated, giving way to plenty of replaying. Importantly, the structure of the levels typically give you a way to use the environment to your advantage.

For example, rather than attacking demons and thieves head on, you may want to sneak around them through the bushes and launch an ambush.

It's subtle tactical options like that which makes Cardinal Quest 2 a thought-engaging experience, despite cutting out all of the fat.

If it sounds like it may appeal to you, look out for Cardinal Quest 2 on the App Store shortly.