Just when you thought you were fed up of minimalist titles, up pops slick and smart puzzle game LYNE to prove you, err, wrong.

In each level in LYNE, your task is to draw lines with your finger to connect shapes. As you do so, the calming audio contributes to the Zen-like sensation you experience.

But don't let the lightly coloured presentation lull you into a false sense of security. LYNE packs plenty of challenge. At the beginning, it's easy enough - you just draw a series of squares together with your finger.

A few levels in, though, and triangles are added to the mix. This means that you have to draw a line for the squares and another separate line for the triangles, ensuring the lines never cross.

After that, hexagons are added. These contain holes that need to be filled by passing your lines through them. If you don't fill these holes, you can't complete the level.

From these relatively simple foundations, an infinite number of solvable puzzles emerges.

In fact, LYNE developer Thomas Bowken will be adding extra levels to his game every day thanks to the wonders of procedural generation.

With no intrusive ads or IAPs, LYNE is an entirely soothing experience that's worth the £1.99 / $2.99 asking price on the App Store [buy], and the £1.60 / $2.50 price on Google Play [buy].