Hoplite is a free roguelike for iOS and Android that's having the same positive effect on me that 868-Hack did.

Armed with a spear and shield in Hoplite, you have to reach the Fleece of Yendor in depth 16 of Hoplite's treacherous procedurally generated dungeons.

Each depth is a small level comprising a starting point, a staircase downwards, demons, and an altar. Your main concern is the group of demons, for they'll attack you as you head towards the staircase.

Hotfoot it

Demons emerge in the form of footmen, archers, demolitionists, and wizards. Each of them behaves and attacks from different ranges, so it's vital that you take time to consider every single move in Hoplite.

You may have to bash bombs out of your way with your shield, dodge an archer's line of fire by hopping over two tiles, and then chuck your spear at a footman before he can reach you.

The importance of analysing the situation cannot be overstated in terms of your ongoing survival.

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Praying at altars can be very handy, too, as they can restore and increase your health, as well as yield you new abilities. However, you do gain more points by skipping altars.

Once you reach depth 16 and retrieve the precious fleece, you can then return it and essentially complete the game.

Or if you decide to purchase the Premium version, you can travel farther down and gain more rewards that make replaying the game more interesting. There are definitely some secrets here to be discovered.

Hoplite is free on Google Play [download], though you have to pay £1.49 / $1.99 for the Premium version inside the game. You can purchase the full game from the App Store for $1.99 / £1.49 [buy].

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